Save Space With The Folding 5ft Pool & Air Hockey Table

The Tekscore 5-foot games table uses a clever design that allows it to rotate and fold vertically. Once folded, it can be kept well out of the way, with a very small footprint indeed.

On one side of the table is a fully-equipped pool table. Its deep blue cloth gives a consistently fun game, with rubber cushions providing plenty of bounce. Drop pockets with nets make it easy to retrieve balls after a game.

On the other side is a high-speed air hockey playfield. A powerful air pump provides a strong cushion of air, enabling high puck speeds and very exciting games!

The sturdy frame is supported by braced legs that lock into place, for a really stable, consistent gaming platform. With all the necessary accessories included, you can play your choice of two games, no matter how much space you have.

  • Space-saving vertical folding design.
  • Locking legs with ergonomic hand bolts.
  • Quality pool table with blue cloth & responsive cushions.
  • Fast air hockey table with powerful 240v airflow pump.
  • Includes pool & air hockey accessories.
  • Adjustable levellers on each foot.