Space-Saving Folding Foosball Table With Excellent Gameplay

The Tekscore Folding Leg Foosball Table is designed to offer you the very best in foosball gameplay, but with a very useful compromise on space. Its folding design makes it very compact and portable, ideal for multi-purpose spaces in the home. Choose the black version with chrome-style trim, or the wood version with red trim.

The legs are locked in place with ergonomic hand bolts. When needed, the legs are loosened and then retract into the table body. With protective rubber feet on one end, the Tekscore can then be stored on its end, making it extremely versatile.

The regulation-size 4ft pitch is marked with white pitch lines, and features ramped corners to prevent dead balls. The 1-2-5-3 formation teams are mounted onto telescopic safety rods, which are fitted with rubber hand grips for the ultimate ball control. An internal ball return system directs balls back to players.

Fitted with scoring abacuses, two playfield ball entry ports and four drinks holders, and supplied with a pack of foosballs, the Tekscore is ideal for the home or common room.

  • Two colours available: black with silver trim, or wood with red trim.
  • Space-saving folding leg system.
  • Regulation 4ft green pitch with white lines.
  • Telescopic safety rods.
  • Plastic player figures in 1-2-5-3 formation.
  • Feet on one end enabling table to be stored upright.
  • Two drinks holders at each end.
  • Cross-braced legs for stability with adjustable feet.
  • Includes free foosballs.