Fast, Exciting Air Hockey for the Family Home

The Jet delivers arcade-standard air hockey at an unbeatable price. Its powerful airflow system promises lightning-fast puck speeds, and the perforated playfield is finished in a low-friction gloss. The rails are designed to give a really lively bounce, for precision rebound shots.

At six feet in size, it's large enough to keep players of any age entertained. It's designed for the family home, where it provides a really sociable alternative to video games and TV. Hold a family tournament, or invite your friends round for a competitive evening.

The goal mouths are fitted with infrared beam sensors. When a goal is scored, the sensors detect the goal and automatically add it to the total on the digital display. Each goal is also announced by an audio commentary, and the score is read out at key points of the game.

Strong, cross-braced legs give a stable gaming platform, and adjustable feet enable you to level the table precisely, no matter where you set it up. With pucks and pushers included, the Jet is the table of choice for busy family homes.

  • Low-friction playfiled with thousands of perforations.
  • 240v fan motor with plenty of power.
  • Infrared goal detection with digital score display & audio commentary.
  • Rails designed for maximum rebound.
  • Scoops for puck retrieval after a goal.
  • Braced legs & chrome-style feet for extra stability.
  • Includes two pushers & two pucks.